Viscosupplementation Injection

Hyaluronate (HA) is a natural substance that is found in many joints in our body. HA is critical to maintain healthy joint function.

HA is the major component in our joint fluid and functions both to repair cartilage and heal tissue.

When we age, we lose some of this HA fluid and this is called arthritis.

With the injection of HA we are able to replace this fluid in the joints, like knee, shoulder, and hip.

After this HA replacement injection, many of the symptoms of osteoarthritis are reduced or removed.

These injections have been done for the past 10 years.

HA injections are a quick, in -office injection.

The injection is given once a week for 3 weeks.

The pain relief can last from 6 months to 2 years.

The HA injections can be repeated in 6 months if needed.

This is now being used as a first line treatment for osteoarthritis throughout the world, and has shown fantastic results in both improved pain and function of patients with osteoarthritis.

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Our holistic treatments are extensively utilized in the form of an alternate to pain medications and surgeries in various musculoskeletal conditions, as it focuses on permanently treating the root cause of the pain. Our holistic treatments include: Prolotherapy, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), Sarapin Therapy, Zeel Therapy, and Stem Cell Therapy.

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