Hip Pain and Movement Conditions

Hip pain is a very common concern, especially with increased aging. Common hip joint ailments treated include bursitis, labral tears, osteoarthritis and tendonitis.



Labral Tear

A labral tear is a tear in the hip joint cartilage. The cartilage is a ring of soft tissue holds the hip joint together. This cartilage follows the outside rim of the socket of the hip joint and is called a labrum.

People born with structural abnormalities or those with osteoarthritis are susceptible to a labral tear. It may also be caused by trauma to the hip joint or repetitive motions in sports. People who play ice hockey, soccer, football, golf, and ballet are at higher risk of developing a hip labral tear.

Symptoms of a labral tear include hip pain and/or a “catching” sensation in the hip joint.

After examining and diagnosing a labral tear, we might recommend medication to relieve the pain, physical therapy, and/or arthroscopic surgery.


Tendon Tears