Endoscopic Discectomy

This minimally-invasive procedure is performed through a small tubular device. It is designed to relieve pain, numbness or weakness caused by herniated discs pressing on nerve roots or the spinal cord.

It allows for smaller incisions, less tissue trauma and performed under local anesthesia or mild sedation, allowing the patient to leave the hospital the same day. Since general anesthesia is not needed, those risks can be avoided.

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Why It Is Performed

Some conditions Endoscopic Discectomy treats are:

  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Herniated disc
  • Bulging disc
  • Pinched nerve
  • Sciatica


How is the procedure performed?

After the disc protrusion is confirmed, an endoscope (small camera) is inserted allowing the surgeon to view the herniated disc. Instruments are used to remove degenerative and extruded portions of the disc nucleus. The disc wall defect is treated with a laser and radio frequency probe. The forearm and nerves are inspected to confirm successful decompression.

How is this procedure superior to open surgery?

Because no muscles or bone are cut during the procedure the recovery is faster. Complications of open surgery are reduced and general anesthesia is avoided.

You might be a candidate for Endoscopic Discectomy if:

  • Nerve weakness making it difficult to stand or walk
  • Conservative treatment fails to improve your symptoms after six weeks
  • Disk fragmentation pressing on a nerve, in your spinal canal
  • Unmanagable pain that is radiating into your buttocks, legs, arms or chest
  • Significant bony anomalies or foraminal stenosis

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